A beautifully manicured lawn does wonders for your home's curb appeal. Southern gardeners take their landscaping very seriously, and often haul out their own gardening gloves and spades to get the work done. Our own Grumpy Gardener has written about this very topic numerous times, including the best type of grass you should be growing, different options of lawn covers, and how to clean up leaves from your lawn in the fall. So, when it comes to the cost associated with keeping your lawn in tip-top shape, is it worth it to hire someone? Although it takes the guesswork out of managing your landscape (which can be a definite plus if you've got a large yard!), hiring a professional to do your lawn can definitely hurt your wallet. Not so sure you're ready to DIY your front yard? Turns out, a self-maintained garden can cost you thousands less over the course of a year. Here's what our friends at Coinage had to say about the cost involved with lawn maintenance.

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