Country music superstar Toby Keith knows his stuff when it comes to country music. His long-held rank at the top of his genre speaks to his innate ability to spot a hit or a miss. Thinking that skill could easily extend to topics outside of the music industry as well, we decided to put him to the test with picking who would win in a wrestling match between some formidable duos. From Ric Flair to Chuck Norris to the dragon from Game of Thrones, we got his take on who would come out on top if thrown in the ring. Keith drafted his winning picks with certainty until the Game of Thrones-inspired match. “I don’t know that cat,” Keith says. Like anything in life, it comes down to a mixture of skill, heart, and luck, which Toby Keith has proved himself a good eye for; so if ever put on the spot, we’ll back up his bets on any fight.

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